July 22, 2018

Is There a Macular Degeneration Test?

Before dismissing the problem, you may want to try taking a macular degeneration test.  This condition affects many people every year, and despite its common status there is no cure all solution for it. Patients often have to cope with symptoms for years. Medical professionals have found that the most effective treatment plan is the one that is started in the earliest stages of macular degeneration.  The sooner the condition is noticed, the better the patient’s chances will be of keeping their eye sight for many years. Anyone noticing the common symptoms should take a macular degeneration test and verify their vision health.

The Amsler Grid Test

One macular degeneration test involves the Amsler grid. This tool is used to help physicians identify vision problems that stem from macula damage. This includes macular degeneration and glaucoma. The Amsler grid test can be done at home. It consists of a large, square grid.  Each line is straight. The patient (wearing corrective lenses if they need them) should cover one eye and view the grid. If the lines appear curved or wavy, then a problem may be present. If not, then the patient is likely alright. The test should be repeated with the other eye as well.

Medical Macular Degeneration Test

When using the Amsler grid at home, patients should keep in mind this tool is not as effective at detecting a problem as an actual doctor’s visit would be. If you feel that you need a macular degeneration test, then you are most likely experiencing some kind of symptoms associated with this condition. Even if the Amsler grid appears normal, individuals should make an appointment with their eye doctor to discuss the problems they have been noticing. Even if it is not macular degeneration, there could be another underlying condition that needs treatment. Let your doctor perform their own macular degeneration test so you can stay on top of the problem in its earliest stages. The sooner treatment is applied, the better the patient will recover.