July 22, 2018

Wet Macular Degeneration Treatment: Know Your Options

There may be a wet macular degeneration treatment that can help restore your eye sight. Every year, many patients discover this common condition. Yet very few understand it until they are experiencing it for themselves. Early detection is very important. Even with the many wet macular degeneration treatment options available, timing can play a big part in how well the patient recovers. If you suspect that you may be experiencing the symptoms of wet macular degeneration, then seek medical advice immediately.

Why Do I Need a Wet Macular Degeneration Treatment?

Finding a wet macular degeneration treatment is extremely important. Of the two types of macular degeneration, the wet form progresses the fastest. Patients notice rapid loss of vision. The symptoms can set in quickly, and the longer they have to do so the harder it will be to find an effective solution. Patients who do not seek a macular degeneration treatment will begin to lose eye sight. This can make functioning at a normal level very difficult.

Injectable Macular Degeneration Treatment

Injectable treatments are available and have proven very helpful to patients. Although some of the drugs that can potentially be used to treat this condition are not FDA approved for yet, some patients have had positive results. As of 2007, the FDA has only approved two drugs to be used as injectable macular degeneration treatments. These can help slow or stop the progression of abnormal blood vessel growth which causes the condition.

Laser Surgery Options

There are laser surgery macular degeneration treatment options available as well. Using a laser, the surgeon can stop blood vessels from leaking. The problem with a laser surgery solution is in the side effects. The patient may develop many small scars on the retina from the laser. These scars become blind spots in the patient’s field of vision, which can be a very frustrating problem. Many doctors will not recommend laser surgery as a wet macular degeneration treatment.